Jaimie Cartwright

Jaimie Cartwright is an experienced finance professional; working closely with mums and dads to provide straightforward and practical advice on home loans at kid friendly times.

Having worked with a bank for 13 years, Jaimie has an intimate understanding of the industry and has the required skills and knowledge to assist families in achieving their financial goals; be it owning their first or subsequent homes, a new car, a new business venture or a dream holiday.

Jaimie understands her clients’ struggles in their dealings with banks and she steps in to make the process seamless and stress free.

Through her business, Cartwright Finance Brokers, Jaimie is able to help her clients identify simple, quick and easy steps toward gaining financial security and works hard to ensure her clients choose the best product at the best rate for their individual requirements.

Jaimie particularly enjoys working with mums and dads as she finds she can easily relate to them and the life stage they are at. Previous clients have marvelled at Jaimie’s ability to help them get a better interest rate or consolidate their debts. Young parents especially appreciate Jaimie’s ability to fit appointments around their work commitments and children’s bedtimes. She gladly sees her clients after hours, and in their homes, if required. She does this because she wants her clients to be able to concentrate fully without any distractions as they work on creating a positive financial future together.

Helping others achieve their financial goals in life gives Jamie immense satisfaction. An empathic listener, Jaimie enjoys gaining insight into her clients’ lives so she can tailor solutions to meet individual needs. For her, nothing is as important as ensuring her clients feel comfortable throughout the process.

If you find yourself having difficulty navigating around banks and don’t know where to start to reach your financial goals, contact Jaimie at admin@cartwrightfinance.com.au.

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